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Barcode Inventory Management Software in India, Delhi NCR - FutureGenApps

Barcode Inventory Management Software in India

Barcode Inventory Management Software in India

Barcode inventory management software is an inventory management system used for tracking goods, order, sales, and deliveries in any organization. FutureGenApps can develop customized Barcode Inventory Management Software in India for your business.

Barcode software is the program that reads and store barcoding information of goods and inventory. Barcode software helps in the manufacturing factories to create a bill of materials, work orders, and the related production documents.

Let us understand the basics of Barcode?

What is a Barcode?

Barcode is a rectangular or a square picture that carries series parallel lines including white spaces between the black lines that can help scanner to read. Barcode can be a group of numbers, symbols or letters with the black and white areas. The barcode was developed and invented by Norman Joseph Woodland in the USA in 1951.

Barcoding hardware consists of two physical devices including chargers and wires are:

  • Barcode printers
  • Barcode Scanners

Barcodes are very simple to create on any nearly pc or Mac application that allows you to change the structure of the barcode; via online barcode generators or from your inventory barcode management system.

Types of Barcodes?

  1. 1D barcodes: 1D barcodes is consist of vertical lines widths and gaps resulting in a particular pattern such as product size, type, and color. In other terms, it is a series of lines that are used to store text information in barcode inventory software.
  2. 2D barcodes: 2D barcodes are much twisted and can carry much information than text such as quantity, images, and price. 2D barcodes are generally in a square and rectangle rather than in vertical lines.

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Advantages of Barcode Inventory Management Software

There are several benefits to have barcode inventory management in your business. Barcode Inventory Management helps to improve inventory speed timing but there some other benefits to the business including:

  1. Barcode helps to reduce man’s work and training time.
  2. Barcode helps Improves tracking Inventory so that goods can count accurate and as well as a better calculation of inventory turn.
  3. Barcode can be used for inventory and pricing so that data is immediately obtained.
  4. Better accuracy and reduce the possibility of human error.
  5. Low-cost implementation
  6. Barcodes promote better decision making
  7. Barcodes are extremely versatile


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