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CodeIgniter Development Company in Delhi - FutureGenApps

CodeIgniter Development Company in Delhi

CodeIgniter Development Company in Delhi

CodeIgniter is an open-source web development framework used to develop dynamic websites, web portals, CMS, eCommerce, cloud-based software applications. It is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) development design. FutureGenApps is a  CodeIgniter Development Company in Delhi, NCR serving diversified clients in India and abroad for the last many years.

CodeIgniter is a PHP based MVC web development framework used by web developers to build simple websites to enterprise-level web applications. MVC is a popular way of organizing your code and less amount of configuration required also provides the simply outstanding performance.

Hire CodeIgniter Developers in Delhi from FutureGenApps

We offer complete web development solutions using PHP based web development frameworks Laravel and CodeIgniter Web Development Company serving to diversified clients in both India and abroad for the last many years.

As a CodeIgniter development company our strength lies in strong coding capabilities. Our team for professional CodeIgniter services is always ready to deliver result-oriented, business-driven and customer-specific web applications.

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Let us Discuss the Features of Codeigniter.

Features of Codeigniter Framework

Apart from the MVC design pattern, CodeIgniter has the following features:

  • CodeIgniter is very easy and extremely lightweight.
  • The security tools are already built-in and also one of the popular benefits in CodeIgniter.
  • Using CodeIgniter you can easily write new libraries.
  • MVC based
  • Simple, Quick and User-friendly.

Understanding MVC?

MVC is Model View Controller design pattern used to design software applications.

  1. Model: The Model typically represents your data structures. That can hold the raw data and contains functions that help you retrieve, insert and latest update information in your database.
  2. View: View code is the information of all the functions that directly represent a user. The user can respond to the screen like Display boxes, buttons, etc.
  3. Controller: Controller is a bridge between the model and the view.

FutureGenApps provides complete CodeIgniter Development Services in Delhi-NCR, India. We have our own team of CodeIgniter developers in Delhi-NCR to provide better solutions for your advanced web Application so that you can earn more revenue and convert your idea into reality.

Get in touch with a CodeIgniter Development Company in Delhi NCR, India.

Email – info@futuregenapps.com or WhatsApp/Call us anytime on: +917428623109

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