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Professional Software Company in Delhi-NCR, India

Professional Software Company in Noida, Delhi-NCR, India

Searching for the best Software Company in India? Your search ends here if you are looking for a Professional Software Development Company in Delhi-NCR, India to develop bug-free software for your software application requirements. FutureGenApps is a Best Offshore Software Company in Noida, Delhi-NCR, India providing end to end software development solutions to various customers in India and overseas.

We follow proper Software QA & Testing process to ensure product quality. We have a team of experienced software engineers that are proficient enough to develop bug-free software following the proper testing phase. Our team at FutureGenApps follows the Agile process so that what we develop is timely delivered to the customer and got on-time feedback. We cater to diverse software development services in Noida, Delhi-NCR, India, and outsourcing to foreigners clients.

Let’s understand – What is Software?

A Software is any kind of computer program or application such as desktop application, web portal, Compiler, Programming language, PHP Scripts, etc used to perform a particular operation. Software programs are also called software Applications. Mainly, there are two types of applications: Desktop Applications and Web Applications. The desktop applications are software programs that execute on the local computer (Desktop or Laptop). Whereas a web application is a software application that runs (hosted) on remote servers (known as a web-server) and used from different locations remotely. The basic difference that software applications need to be installed on the target system where they need to be used. But, cloud-based web applications can be used using web browsers without any installation steps.

Our Software Development Services in Delhi-NCR, India

FutureGenApps is an Offshore Software Development Company in Delhi-NCR, India providing custom software development services in India and abroad. We develop robust, bug-free software applications with high-quality results and cost-effective outsourcing services. We follow complete Agile Methodology throughout the project development life cycle. We offer the following software development services as per customer requirements:

  • Desktop Software Application Development
  • Software Consultancy Services
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Offshore Software Development Services
  • API Development & Integration
  • C/C++ Software Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Yearly Software Maintenance & Support

Software Development Process

Software Development is the process of – requirement analysis, designing, developing, testing, and maintaining software and implementing new software applications for a specific set of users. Our team has strong experience in custom software development as per client requirements.

Application Development assists the user to perform various tasks and provides core functions like operating system, utilities, hardware management, and disk management necessities. Software Development is performed or conducted by programmers, software developers, and software engineers.  The following basic steps must be followed while developing any software application or web application:

Our Software Development Process

  • Requirement Analysis: Requirement analysis is the first stage of a product in which planning meets with the quality requirements of the user and conversions of the risks involved is also done at this stage.
  • Design and Development: It is the process of how an app will work and what features it carries and what the component it has
  • Testing: once the software is complete, developers start to develop the full-fledged system by writing programming code using the Specify programming language.
  • Documentation/installations: Once the software testing phase is completed confirms that no error left in the system and the app must available to all kind of peoples.
  • Maintenance and Support: When Software is live and client start using the developed system but some problem arises, like some new risk problem occurs, adding some new features into the software and upgrading the applications as per client requirement.

Our Software Development Technologies

  • C/C++ Language for core Software Development
  • PHP – for Web application Development
  • Laravel – Web Portal development
  • WordPress – for CMS Development
  • Magento/OpenCart – For E-Commerce Development
  • Java, Android – Mobile App Development
  • Web Technologies – HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript
  • Angular & Node JS
  • MySQL for Database Backend
  • AWS – For Web hosting and Cloud hosting
  • Git/Bitbucket, Jira – Source Code Management
  • Agile

Looking for Best Software Company in Noida, Delhi-NCR, India?

FutureGenApps has emerged as the Best Software Development Company in Delhi-NCR and serving clients from different industries across India and abroad. We believe in building a powerful idea and innovative technology of Software Development Services that can improve client experiences, bring more innovative and more innovation and safe and productive.

Hire the Best Software Development Company in India

We provide high-end designs and the latest web technologies to favorable clients also making things faster and efficient. We can be your Innovative Technology Partner in Delhi NCR to cater to all software solutions, India. We Provide our best services to our respected clients that we have:

  • We provide a guarantee throughout our professional engagement on your project.
  • We offer 24X7 Technical Customer Support to our clients.
  • We offer endless industry-specific Software Development Services.
  • We offer Software Development Services at very affordable prices.
  • We provide quality work with full assurance in the market.
  • We provide complete solutions for previously and unsolvable business problems.

Discuss your project with a Top Software Development Company in Delhi-NCR, India.

Email – info@futuregenapps.com or WhatsApp/Call us anytime on: +917428623109

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