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Web Portal Development Company in Delhi NCR

Want to develop a web application for your business needs to automate manual activities of your office so that you can focus more on business? FutureGenApps is a professional Web Portal Development Company in Delhi NCR.

Let’s design your Web portal to automate the manual activities of your organization.

We are extending Web Portal Development services in Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurgaon. We design and develop web portals using the latest web technologies – Laravel, CodeIgniter, WordPress, and OpenCart. Nowadays, Laravel has become the first most choice for web developers to design and develop robust enterprise-level web portals.

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FutureGenApps provide web portal development services as per the customer requirement and satisfaction. PHP web development is an easy way to quickly develop a web portal for your idea. Our team works hard to provide professional web portal designing services as per your needs.

Do you know… What is a web portal? Let’s understand it first.

What is a Web Portal and Why do we need it?

A web portal is a specialized form of dynamic website that offers online – services, information, and resources such as News websites, online education websites. More examples are hotel booking websites, online bus ticket booking websites, online eCommerce sites like amazon.com, flipkart.com, these are very good examples of web portals. We can develop an eCommerce web portal to take your shop online. 

Normally, web portals first expect a user to register on their website and avail the services, like hotel booking web apps. We are the best Web Portal Development Company in Delhi NCR.

The different Web portals like school ERP software provide a common online interface for organization services and resources. The school’s Online Digital Library is another good example of a web portal.

In simple terms, understand that Web portal is a single point of organizations’ information, services, and resources for their users/employees. FutureGenApps is the best web portal designing company in Delhi NCR, Noida, Ghaziabad. We are extending web portal development services in Delhi NCR, Noida, and Delhi NCR.

Have any idea? We will develop your idea to make your dream true.

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Web Portal Examples

Online cloud-based web portals help organizations to serve a set of services, resources from a common website known as a web portal. It helps combine all departments of an organization to provide one point interface for their users and employees. The following are some common examples of web portals:

  • Hotel Booking Portal
  • Online Attendance website
  • School ERP Portal
  • Hospital ERP software
  • Sales management portal
  • Online Training portal like Udemy.com, etc
  • CRM Portal
  • Laravel CMS Development

Our company provides the best web application development services in Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi NCR

Basic Difference between website and web portal?

How website and web portals differ?

The basic difference between a website and a web portal is the way they are accessible to users.


  • A website is publicly available with the website URL to all users without any login.
  • No Login required – all website functionality publicly accessible.
  • Website content, services, and resources remain the same for all users.

Web portal:

  • A specialized form of website
  • Portal User needs to login
  • Content, services, and resources are specific to user-based roles.

Important Features of Web Portals

A well designed and developed web portal must have the following set of features:
1. Provides all services, resources at the commonplace.
2. Roll based web interface for users
3. Access from anywhere (Home or office?)

Web Portal Development Platforms

PHP-based MVC frameworks are extensively used for developing web portals for all business needs. FutureGenApps use the following MVC frameworks for web development services in Delhi NCR:

Which is the best PHP platform for web portal Development?

Though there are a number of PHP-based MVC frameworks available. But nowadays, Laravel is a fast-growing top MVC framework and it has become the first choice for developers to develop web portals. FutureGenApps is a Laravel Web Application Development Company in Delhi NCR.

FutureGenApps Web Portal Development Company in Delhi NCR

We have a team of experienced web developers to understand customer requirements, design, and develop an on-demand web portal. We provide the following web portal development services in Delhi NCR:

  • Travel Web Portal Development Company in Delhi NCR
  • News Portal Development Company in Delhi NCR
  • B2B Web Portal development company in Delhi NCR
  • Online Job Board Web Portal
  • Online Video Training Web Portal Development Services
  • MLM Web Portal Development Company
  • Hotel Booking Portal
  • Online Attendance website
  • School ERP Portal
  • Hospital ERP software
  • Sales management portal
  • Custom Online web portal design & development

Our Team would be very happy to assist you if you are looking for web portal development services or have any queries in this regard. Get in touch with the best web portal development company in Delhi NCR Noida.

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